Cultivator With Spıral Spring

It swells the soil without turning over it. Since double helix-wound square spring stays vibrate in the soil, it serves preparing demanded seed bed. Due to the fact that the root is high and clearance between stays is big, blockage does not occur in stubble processing.

Edge irons with narrow edge and having sweep shape in stubble processing and loosening the soil in the spring can be used in hard and
grazed soil conditions successfully. Chassis height in spiral spring cultivators is 72 cm, chassis heights are produced in the tools of 52 cm depending on the purpose of farmer usage and truck powers. Operating depth in the cultivators which are produced with two or three serial optionally changes between 25-40 cm. It may be possible that every part ofvineyards, citrus fruits gardens and olive groves are treated in full with three hitches, with sliding 2 serial and narrow cultivators.

In addition, if specified in the order, roller group and retaining wheel can be added to this tool. Usage purposes: Spiral spring cultivator swells the soil without turning over it in cultivation depth and mixes it. It mixes stubble, plant residuals and fertilizer in the soil in the most proper way.

In addition to this, it provides a good protecting coating against water and wind erosion when they stay in the soil surface partially.

Used Material: Square spiral stays are made of heat treated tempered steel. Thanks to the given special shape, it has vibration characteristics.