Inter Row Rotary Cultivator

Inter-row hoeing machine with miller cutter is an eco-friendly machine that destroys the weeds existing between the rows of the plants such as (corn, beet, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, etc.) that are planted on the rows without damaging the plants and thus ensures that the plants get the adequate nutrients and water from the soil.

The row space can be adjusted by sliding the units on the main frames. The working depth is adjusted by the 2 displaceable wheels located on the main frame.

The working depth of the units may be different depending on the products and plant space. Thanks to the optional fertilizer box and the furrow opener apparatus, the fertilizer that has been scattered during the hoeing is made to be mixed with the soil homogenously and after this mixture is piled up towards the plant root the plant benefits hugely from the fertilizer with the middle-breaking procedure.