Inter Row Spring Cultivator

It is mounted to the truck with three point hitch. This machine is ideal for the plants such as beet, corn, cotton, sun flower, tobacco and vegetables which are cultivated in order and it does not fall through the floor, provides the protection of moisture in the soil and it also provides an exact struggle against weeds.

Thanks to units which are moving independent of each other, even in rugged terrain conditions, it holds hoeing depth fixed and provides savings of 0/o 70 - 80 from labor.

The product develops early and more products are obtained. It provides savings in irrigation. In standard, it is produced as roller and without roller. Depending on usage purpose and optionally, earthing up unity can be connected to the behind tools without roller.

In addition to this, upon demand of the customer, manure box can be mounted on the tool. Seplet spring anchor machines can be produced mechanically and hydraulically optionally.